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Success Stories

AICC - The Independent Packaging Association

BoxScore: A Publication Total Solution

The Independent Packaging Association—AICC was looking for a publishing partner to assist in the production of its bimonthly magazine, BoxScore. AICC was interested in a creative and editorial overhaul, and sought print and digital solutions. The YGS Group was able to meet all of these requests.

Editorial reimagined the content architecture to include industry-specific features, reorganized columns, and strategic entry points throughout the magazine to draw readers. Marketing Services utilized best practices regarding white space, consistent heading treatments, and streamlined font styles.

YGS also designed and developed the BoxScore microsite and digital newsletter, inBox, borrowing the refreshed elements from the magazine.

By choosing The YGS Group and letting the experts do what they do best, AICC has been able to expand its outreach to members, keep costs down, and do more than ever.

According to Taryn Pyle, director of communications with AICC, “After many strategy meetings, [YGS] presented us with a plan that included everything I wanted for less than I had been paying before. I got more than I had before, all under one roof.