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Success Stories


Brand Strategy & Marketing Collateral

The Strategy
Samson is the largest and oldest domestic producer of synthetic rope, serving the market for more than 135 years. Today, Samson continues to pioneer innovative new products using the latest in new fiber developments, constructions, and coatings. Samson partners with The YGS Group to support their various marketing needs.

The Execution
Samson initially commissioned The YGS Group more than 25 years ago to produce advertising and promotional trade show materials. More opportunities for professional collaboration followed, including product line brochure development and content creation for its extensive library of informational materials.

Today, The YGS Group assists Samson’s in-house marketing department by providing brand concepts, copy writing, design, production, and coordination for a full range of pieces specifically tailored to the unique needs of the specialty industrial markets it serves.

YGS has supported Samson with the following initiatives over the years:
• Brand development and implementation
• Print and digital advertising conceptualization and production
• Product literature design and production
• Specialized informational literature
• Case studies and technical bulletins
• Newsletters—for both print and digital distribution
• Website design and content development
• Trade show exhibits and supporting marketing projects
• Product packaging
• Informational, educational, and corporate promotional video development and production

The Results
Samson has developed a reputation for eye-catching, high-quality marketing pieces. They are considered the authority in the industry—a position made credible by the depth and breadth of their informational materials. Samson’s splicing manual, at more than 200 pages in length, is considered the most comprehensive available to the industry (competitors even refer customers to Samson’s manual). Today, it’s available in print, PDF, video, and mobile formats.

The Samson brand is unique in that the logo is the oldest continuously registered trademark in the United States. It is an honor to assist this historically significant brand in serving its markets with both innovative products and valued supporting information in a variety of media outlets.